Annual report 2022

FFAB can now present its annual report for 2022. We end the year with a stable level of profit and return on equity – and a strengthened financial position. 

– I am proud that over the past year, FFAB has continued its strategic development of broad and value-creating real estate development, without sacrificing short-term results. We continue to succeed in creating business even in a new and challenging business climate, comments Jacob Sandberg, CEO.

The ability to identify opportunities and refocus our resources has proven to be an important asset. We have continued to develop and expand our offering from a previous focus on condominiums to new opportunities and real estate products such as rental properties, community properties, commercial spaces, and hotels. We have simultaneously increased both our ambition and capability to achieve high environmental certifications in our projects, while forging new partnerships to drive advancements in environmental and sustainability initiatives.

FFAB expresses gratitude to its collaborative partners for a fruitful 2022 and looks forward with confidence to the upcoming years. We are well-equipped and, at the same time, humbly aware of the changes in the external environment – recognizing that it requires both focus and motivation.

This is the Swedish version of the annual report. To read it in English, click here.