Choose the right curtains for the windows in your home

We think curtains can enhance the look of an entire room. Not least because it’s cozy and comforting, but also because it’s a nice interior detail and, in practical terms, dampens light and reduces visibility. Choosing the right curtains for your windows may not seem like the easiest thing to do, but it should be done with care to enhance your home. We will give you some tips.

For those who have a centered window
If your window is placed in the middle of the wall, you should allow the bar or rail to extend well beyond both sides of the window. This way, you can let the curtains cover the wall on the side of the window when you don’t have the curtains closed.

For those with double windows
Let the curtains surround your windows. Here, every wall surface can be adorned with a curtain, or even two. Double lengths of curtains between two windows give a rich feel even when you’re blacking out.

For those who have a window on an asymmetrical wall
Do you have different amounts of walls on either side of your window? Here you should be careful to hang curtains in the same way as for a centered window. It is easy for one side to be perceived as dominant or even overpowering. Instead, let the curtain only adorn the wider part of the wall. Go for a curtain wide enough to cover both the wall section and the window when it’s time to close – it creates a great wow effect.

For those with floor-to-ceiling windows
Large windows mean lots of light but less privacy. Here, we think that slatted blinds are a stylish and practical choice for shielding from view but still allowing daylight to seep in.

3 tips from us

  • Lift the ceiling by hanging the curtains high up. We think a rail gives the best results!
  • Remember to always allow the curtain rod or rail to extend well beyond both sides of the window (or side if you have an asymmetrical wall) to maximize the amount of light when the room is not dark.
  • To create a rich yet tidy impression, we recommend that the curtain is twice as wide as the window, ending just on the floor. Not shorter, and not longer.