Jacob Sandberg

070 424 02 55

Jacob started as a real estate agent and has worked with real estate acquisition and development since the mid-90s. He has extensive experience in project refinement and financing.

Jesper Hasseltorp

Head of Projects
073 855 67 98

Jesper is Head of Projects with a focus on sales. He has a solid experience in sales and has previously run two real estate offices in Stockholm.

Birgitta Hägg

070 200 54 66

Birgitta is responsible for our business’s financial management, including all projects, companies, and housing associations. She has extensive experience in the field of economics from e.g. MTG (Modern Times Group) and the financial sector.

Fredrik Lundberg

Head of Production
070 881 10 53

Fredrik is responsible for the production of our projects. He comes from a role as Project Manager at Allegro, Oscar Properties’ former construction business, and has 10 years of experience in contracting with a focus on large residential projects.

André Rosberg

Business Developer
073 532 49 44

André Rosberg is responsible for business development and has worked with real estate transactions and development projects for listed companies since 2004.

Fredrik Rydergård

Project Developer
070 976 60 03

Fredrik is responsible for developing our projects and driving them from initial ideas to reality. He has previously worked at several housing development companies with acquisitions, detailed plans, and contracting on his desk.

Lars Staffansson

Head of Transactions
070 493 31 23

Lars is responsible for our real estate transactions. He comes from a role as a Partner at Catella Corporate Finance and has solid experience in real estate transactions and financial investments.