Welcome to Brf Block

Kapellgärdet, Uppsala

Welcome to a thoughtfully designed residential building characterized by aesthetics, comfort, and relaxation.

The 158 architect-designed, space-efficient apartments, ranging from one to five rooms with a kitchen, feature optimal natural light, open floor plans, and high ceilings. Additionally, the association offers three communal rooftop terraces with outdoor kitchens and a private spa overlooking Uppsala City.

The block consists of two building structures joined at an angle. Similar yet distinct, with a recurring rhythm both within and between the two houses. As a nod to the many brickworks that once existed in the surrounding area, the buildings are constructed with high-quality brick – the corner block exudes a strong, modern identity with a humility that honors traditional brick architecture.

Facts about the project

Project name: Brf Block
City: Uppsala
Area: Kapellgärdet
Number of apartments: 158
Type of tenure: Condominium
Housing type: Apartment, 1-5 rooms
Size: 24–113 sqm living space
Status: Completed.
Moving in: 2020

The association has three shared roof terraces with outdoor kitchens and a private spa with breathtaking views of Uppsala City.

The apartments

Light and space are key elements for living in Block. An open floor plan and large windows give each apartment plenty of light and generous views. Both balcony fronts and sliding doors to the balcony are in glass and generous ceiling heights further contribute to light and space in the apartments.

Lightly pigmented oak covers all floors, except in the bathrooms where a tasteful and durable granite ceramic in Swedish Green gives it a classic touch.

Walls and ceilings are in restful, light colors throughout, while switches and sockets are in a matte black finish. The bathroom walls are covered with matt white tiles in a brick pattern, reminiscent of the house’s facades.

In the handleless kitchens, an easy-to-maintain, practical, and durable but elegant urban style prevails. Velvety carpeted cabinet and drawer fronts with integrated appliances provide a sober feel while playing against robust quartz composite countertops and contrasting black brushed chrome faucets, specially designed for Block.

The black mixers recur in the bathrooms, which have been fitted with rectangular sinks and black splashes on the ceiling and under mirrored cabinets. Many of the apartments have freestanding bathtubs.

Matgeek visits Brf Block

On the sunny terrace of Brf Block, Matgeek shows us how to make great ribs on an electric grill.
Watch the movie and experience a part of Brf Block!

Follow us home to Sofia & Ludwig

Sofia and Ludwig knew they were looking for a 3-bedroom apartment when they started looking for a new home. But they had trouble finding something they were really happy with until they found Brf Block. Hear them talk about everything from materials to terraces.

Matgeek returns to Brf Block.

Late summer evenings with sunshine leads to barbecue cravings, and once again we were visited by Matgeek. There were really good sliders for the new neighbors in Brf Block and a tour of the spa area with a beautiful view of Uppsala.

About Brf Block

From Block, you have a clear view, especially to the north and west, with the classic Uppsala view where the cathedral and the castle stand out. One building contains mostly small to medium-sized, well-planned apartments, while the other is dominated by homes with slightly larger areas and more rooms, especially suitable for families with children.

With the new rapid cycle track just outside Block, the Uppsala travel center can be reached quickly. There are long-distance and commuter trains and all of Uppsala’s bus lines.

“The two houses are related, but each has its own character. They are not twins, they are cousins.” – as architect Andreas Martin-Löf puts it.

Materials and details

The interior of the house combines harmonious design with good function. The surfaces are matte and warm, and the materials are carefully selected and of high quality.
The apartments in Block are thought out to the smallest detail, from the matte black surfaces to the glass panels facing the view.

“The idea is to create a soft, welcoming atmosphere,” says architect Andreas Martin-Löf.

Granite ceramics are an ideal choice for the bathroom floor, both in terms of aesthetics and functions. The plates are extremely strong and have almost no absorption capacity.

Granite ceramics are made from finely ground porcelain clay, with the same constituents as granite. In Block, the floor is colored Swedish Green, with a classically beautiful look.

“We have chosen metal window frames instead of wood, which we think gives a clumsy impression,” explains architect Andreas Martin-Löf. The metal frames have been painted in muted colors, framing the view and giving the rooms a sober character. The muted colors also harmonize well with the building’s façade materials.

Oak has always been considered a luxurious material. Not only because of its beautiful grain and color but also because it is one of the hardest and therefore most durable types of wood. Moreover, it is a classic interior design choice that resists trends. In Block, all floors are covered in lightly pigmented oak with a silk matte finish, except in the bathroom.

For the kitchen worktops, Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter chose quartz composite panels, which look like limestone. It is one of the most durable and hygienic materials on the market, as it is completely pore-free and therefore does not let bacteria through. Quartz composite consists mostly of quartz, a natural material that is pressed and molded to optimum hardness.

A series of well-thought-out details that together form a balanced whole – that’s what sums up the architecture of the Block. The mixers in the kitchen and bathroom are the same black brushed chrome. The matte black shade is a leitmotif that appears in stairwells, window frames, and light switches.

The entrances are welcoming and spacious, inspired by the magnificent gates of the past. The design of the entrances contrasts with the traditional brick facade, with floors in raw, polished concrete. The matte black tone of the walls is a consistent theme in the house’s interior design.

‘We create environments that people want to be in’

– Andreas Martin-Löf, now one of the country’s leading architects. His office has a reputation for creating unique, exclusive homes. Martin-Löf himself says it is about making modern architecture beautiful.

The architect

Architects are like vintage wine: they flourish in the autumn of their lives. Not so for Andreas Martin-Löf, who has quickly become one of the country’s most influential young architects. What sets his office apart from others is not only its broad repertoire, ranging from cultural centers to affordable modular housing. But also Martin-Löf’s expertise in a special kind of building – truly unique and exclusive homes.

– We create environments that people want to be in. I believe that, together with my clients, I have succeeded in showing that modern architecture can be both beautiful and innovative, says Andreas Martin-Löf.

The new Block corner building in Kapellgärdet, Uppsala, is a good example of Martin-Löf’s philosophy of just that: the beautiful and the innovative. It’s about an understated simplicity where nothing has been left to chance. From the moment you enter the building, you are greeted by the higher class of architecture. The raw, polished concrete floor signals modernity, while the entrance is unusually generous, a nod to the magnificent gates of the past. It continues all the way up to the roof terrace: every little detail has been carefully considered. From the choice of materials to the carefully considered floor plans, designed to maximize views and light. From the matte black surfaces in the kitchens to the dark, tinted mixers. From the asymmetrical roof shape to the special technique used to give the brick facades an innovative look.

The fact that the architecture in Block is based on a genuine idea is also visible from afar. The two buildings have a distinctive exterior. Not least because they were designed to be perceived as related, but each with its own personality. The cousins, as Martin-Löf calls them, meet at an angle and form a kind of cornerstone at the end of the block.

– The brick facades in two colors are important, but also the composition where the roof contrasts with the facade. It is a deliberate play between repetition and variation.

The surroundings

You can feel close to the city and nature just by looking out the window. To the southwest is the cozy city center of Uppsala. Just to the north is Röbo outdoor area and Gamla Uppsala, with its iconic royal mounds.

Kapellgärdet is located just northeast of central Uppsala, midway between exuberant contemporary life and magnificent history, between hectic city life and the tranquility of nature. From Block, you have a clear view, especially to the north and west, with the classic Uppsala view where the cathedral and the castle stand out.

Kapellgärdet has a gym, hairdresser, and convenience store, with more shops being added continuously. There are two preschools in the area (one municipal and one Montessori) and another one is planned in Kapellgärdet. Three primary schools and a secondary school are also within easy walking distance.

With the new rapid cycle track just outside Block, the Uppsala travel center can be reached quickly. There are long-distance and commuter trains and all of Uppsala’s bus lines.

A stone’s throw to the south is Vaksala Square with a shopping mall, Systembolaget, a pharmacy, a large grocery store, sushi and hamburger restaurants, a bookstore, cafes, and seasonal market shopping. Vaksala Square is also home to the nationally renowned cultural center Uppsala Konsert & Kongress with everything from concerts to stand-up shows. The classic facility Fyrishov, Sweden’s most visited arena and fifth largest visitor destination, is just as close but straight west from Kapellgärdet. Fyrishov has a famous water park, and sports and exhibition halls.

In the 17th century, Uppsala’s city limit was right here and Kapellgärdet was considered rural. As the city grew and industrialization spread, the area quickly expanded with small industries such as distilleries and brickworks. The brickworks are a 700-year-old Uppsala specialty, as the city’s thick layers of glacial clay have created excellent conditions for various forms of clay production.

The clay quarries are gone today, but history lives on north of Kapellgärdet: Old Uppsala is considered the central point of the prehistoric power structure in Sweden and here you will find, among other things, the world-famous burial site Uppsala högar with the King’s Mounds, which probably became the final resting place for three Svea kings well over 1000 years ago. In Old Uppsala, Gamla Uppsala Church is still standing, dating back to the 12th century. A museum in Gamla Uppsala provides insight into the area’s rich cultural history.

Northwest of Kapellgärdet is the Röbo outdoor area, also with an interesting history, but today mainly used for recreation, play, and exercise. There are running trails, ski trails in winter, a large outdoor gym, and a natural playground for children. And large areas to just walk or relax.

Life in Block

Culture and nature, cities and hiking areas. Exercise and relaxation, schools and transport. And easy commuting to Stockholm. In Block, you are close to most things you might need

Neighbourhood life

Kapellgärdet is now developing into a vibrant neighborhood, not least with the restaurant and café planned in the property next to Block. A stone’s throw to the south is the lively Vaksala Torg, with restaurants, cafés, and a concert hall.

Ten minutes from the city

The rapid cycle track takes you to the city center in 10 minutes, with its full range of shopping, thriving city parks, and quality restaurants. At the Central Station, there is a large bicycle parking area and a number of bus, commuter train, and SJ train lines. The Uppsala commuter train runs every half hour and takes you to Stockholm Central in 55 minutes.

Exercise and training

Those who prefer a gym need to go no further than their own neighborhood, Kapellgärdet. To the north is Röboparken, for those who want to exercise in the open air. If you are more interested in sports, the large facility, bathhouse, and arena Fyrishov is a short walk away, with everything from sports halls to exercise pools, Friskis & Svettis, bowling, and water parks for children.


Three roof terraces with a bookable spa, outdoor kitchen, gardens, and pergola. A courtyard with a garden. And Röbo outdoor area together with Uppsala Högar, a close destination suitable for a picnic or a walk. There are many opportunities for relaxing and socializing, which is also one of the main ideas of Block.

Services in the vicinity.

There are primary schools and kindergartens within walking distance. Another nursery school is underway in Kapellgärdet itself, which also has a convenience store. Close by is Vaksala Torg, with a shopping mall, Systembolaget, a pharmacy, a large grocery store, sushi and hamburger restaurants, a bookstore, cafés, and seasonal market trading.

An optimal location

Culture and nature, cities and hiking areas. Exercise and relaxation, schools and transport. And easy commuting to Stockholm. Block is close to most things you might need.