Welcome home to Brf Kilsviken


Together with FFAB, Notar is proud to present this modern and family-friendly accommodation that offers an archipelago environment close to central Stockholm.

The housing association has a long shoreline in Kilsviken next to Baggensfjärden, which will be developed with a jetty with boat moorings, a sandy beach, and a boathouse with a sauna for the association’s members. There is a newly built playground in the area and good preschools and schools in the neighborhood, as well as recreational activities such as golf, horseback riding, ice skating, and kayaking.

The houses are distributed on two floors of 4 to 5 rooms with high standards and tasteful materials. Adjacent to the kitchen and living room are two large patios totaling about 60 sqm and a large balcony of 10 sqm from the master bedroom.

All in all, this is a complete family home in direct connection to nature and the archipelago with good communications to central Stockholm.

SOLD OUT! Moving in starting in January 2016.

Number of apartments: 30
Access: Start January 2016