How the colors in your home can affect you

Feel like repainting? Before you do anything rash, it’s a good idea to think about the feeling you want to convey with your color choice – more than just matching the decor, of course. It’s no secret that colors affect us. Apart from cultural background and memories linked to certain colors, they have a general impact and trigger our brains. And we can take advantage of that. With a little thought, you can create the right feel for different rooms in your home. We give you a quick overview of the psychological effect of colors.

Brr as in blue. Yes, blue is a cold color and we therefore tend to freeze more easily in a room whose wall color is blue. However, the color has the ability to relieve stress and tension in the body and is said to boost our creativity.

Do you want to maximize the sense of security in your home? Go for the color of nature. Green is a color that is often used in interior design because of its calming effect. Also, this color tends to relieve stress.

Yellow is ugly? We disagree. However, it has other wonderful qualities. The yellow color has a two-fold impact on the psychological level. The color is associated with joy and energy, and just as the color can make you feel good, it can have a calming effect. What’s more, the color is strongly linked to our intellect, so if you have a study at home, yellow is an excellent choice of the wall color.

Perhaps it is the sense of stability and calm that makes the color have a positive impact on people with poor concentration. The brown color is said to stimulate our practical talents. It also makes us harmonious and calm.

The color red has a major impact on our energy levels. Too large a dose tends to make us stressed, but in the right amount, the red color can also spread warmth and bring a sense of calm. If you want to paint a room filled with passion, this is the color to go for.

How about a room that breathes silence? Then pink is the right choice. The color pink has a calming effect and is strongly associated with love. The cuddle factor is super high!

Black brings your mind to darkness, but also authority and stability. The color is easy to adopt and is well-associated with elegance and style. A trending color, for sure.

White – the most neutral tone you can find. And as we know, bright colors make a room feel bigger than it actually is. The white color spreads purity and serenity around it, making it an ideal base for the walls of your home.