How to successfully light your balcony and patio this summer

A lovely spare room is something we would all love to have. With a few simple steps, you can create beautiful outdoor lighting that not only illuminates the outdoors but also makes the indoor environment feel bigger.

The outdoors becomes an extension of the indoors, creating a sense of space and feeling. Although summer nights are bright and long, the right light can create decorative effects and a harmonious environment that you can enjoy all year round.

Six things to consider when lighting your balcony and patio

  1. Conditions
    Check with your landlord or housing association whether you can put lights on your balcony and what the rules are. If you live in an apartment, you may want to ensure that you do not risk dazzling your neighbors below or to the sides.
  2. Help or not
    If you are doing a fixed outdoor installation, you should always use a qualified electrician. If you want to plug something into an existing socket, you can do it yourself as long as you have safe products suitable for outdoor environments.
  3. Safety and security
    All outdoor products must have a high IP rating, at least 65 IP, which means they can withstand rain and water.
  4. Bright views
    When placing your light sources outdoors, think about how you experience the lighting from inside. Use a dimmer to adjust the light according to the day, season, and mood.
  5. Mix and spread
    Just like indoors, it is good to spread the light. Think creatively and use uplights, freestanding globes, string lights, trees, flowers, walls, railings, and stones.
  6. Different heights
    To get a good spread, it is good to vary the lighting at different heights. It gives a good spread and creates space even if it is a small balcony.