“Important to develop something everyone can be proud of”

Fredrik Lundberg joined FFAB two years ago with extensive experience in the construction side of both residential and community properties.

– I see it as a great advantage to understand the mindset of entrepreneurs, and it also makes it easier for me to keep track of their progress and production-related challenges,” he says.

When he is not at home renovating his new house, he is a contract manager at FFAB, responsible for managing several projects from start to finish. Currently, the focus is on a rental housing project in Hägerstensåsen and one in Karlstad, as well as a brand new project in Sätra Centrum. What he likes most, however, is when the projects are completed – the feeling of having created a home that the residents can enjoy is hard to beat.

– The beauty of real estate is that we create lasting products that can bring joy to individuals and communities for a long time.” And precisely because the buildings will likely remain for many years, it is also important that we develop something that we can all be proud of.

“Sustainability in real estate is becoming more of an expectation from both customers and financiers.”

Increasing importance of sustainability

Fredrik is also responsible for the continued development of FFAB’s sustainability efforts. Among other things, the company has taken a policy decision that all new buildings produced should have the Swan label environmental certification – or higher.

– Just like many others, we see a significant movement towards sustainability in real estate becoming more of an expectation from both our customers and financiers. Therefore, we believe that this will be highly relevant and a major issue in the foreseeable future, where we constantly need to consider all areas of sustainability in our decision-making and project operations.”