Paint the room bigger

Small and cozy rooms have their charm, we can certainly agree on that, but sometimes a more spacious feeling is unbeatable. There are many ways to maximize every square meter, but not all paths are the same. So, let’s start by focusing on how you can create the illusion of a larger room.

Smart contrasts 1.0
It is widely known that light colors make a room appear larger, but painting a room white and then furnishing it in the same color is not a success story. The contrast between light and
dark is what makes the light feel even brighter. There is some truth to the idea that furnishing in a similar shade as the wall color blends in and creates a calm and tidy room, but by not limiting the furniture in terms of color and allowing them to create contrasts, you can make the room feel larger than it actually is.

Smart contrasts 2.0
A common approach is to paint window sills, trims, and doors in the same shade as the wall, but here we can take it a step further if we want to create a sense of space. Instead, choose a
lighter tone than the wall color and let the wall give you the impression of being set further back than it actually is.

Space with stripes
You can also try to “pull out” the room. Logically, vertical stripes raise the ceiling, while horizontal stripes make the room appear wider. Keep in mind that light colors in the same tonal range are best suited to small rooms.

The Illusion of height
With a little paint, you can create the illusion that the ceiling is suddenly a little higher than before. Either by painting the walls all the way up, or by taking it a step further
and painting the wall color up to 10 centimeters from the ceiling or to the bottom of the crown molding, and then painting the rest in white. The extra white makes the room appear higher than it is. To achieve the illusion, the ceiling must be lighter than the walls, as a lighter ceiling reflects natural light.