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Our housing projects are always carefully designed to give you, the resident, that little bit extra. With our background as real estate agents, we have been close to you as a buyer and your needs, requirements, and expectations for decades.

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Ongoing projects

Skälby Trädgård

In the fast-growing single-family home area of Ormbacka, we are developing 74 new condominiums.


In the heart of Barkarby, we are building a 19,600-square-meter climate-smart city block with condominiums and a hotel.


On the edge of Karlstad city center, 119 space-efficient rental apartments will soon be completed.


As an entrance to Ormbacka, a block of 46 apartments, ten terraced houses, nine townhouses, and a generous courtyard will be created.


In the center of Älvsjö, FFAB is developing approximately 75 new homes with 1-5 rooms and a kitchen.

Sätra Center

When Sätra Center gets a new square, FFAB develops about 54 new homes.

A selection of completed projects