Balanced, childish and germ-free – the interior design trends for 2021 are here

When Sweden’s trend expert Stefan Nilsson, in collaboration with NCS Colour, talks about this year’s most important trends in lifestyle, design and behavior, food-inspired colors, playfulness, vintage, activism, and this year’s interior design growth are some of the highlights of the day.

What are the most important colors of the year, Stefan?

– Beetroot balance, which means a balanced color palette inspired by edibles such as beets, mustard, chickpeas, bread, and peas, dominates the future. Harmonious colors, though not monochrome in one shade, but mixed earthy colors with a darker shade to create edge and excitement. In addition, black and white have found a new place in our interiors, becoming accent colors instead of the other way around.

“A balanced color palette inspired by edibles such as beets, mustard, chickpeas, bread and peas will dominate the future”.

The pandemic also leaves its mark on interior design trends

– We spend a lot more time at home now and our homes have become the workplace, gym, and home for many. Here are six interesting trends for 2021. But keep in mind that trends don’t have to be followed, you can relate to them and understand! And relax, everything changes.

  1. The silent home gym and designer exercise equipment. When we train at home in the living room, we have to make sure to soundproof so that we don’t disturb the neighbors in the house as they might be in digital meetings. Exercise equipment should also be neat enough to be displayed and we have large mirrored screens for group exercise.
  2. A germ-free and clean home. Due to the current pandemic, we are extra conscious of hygiene and things can have a dual function, such as lights that clean mobile phones, wardrobes that clean clothes when you hang them up and mixers you don’t have to touch. Simply a touchless and clean home.
  3. Luxurious patios this summer. We are spending even more time outdoors and several high-end furniture brands are now making fine furniture for the outdoors. Stylish furniture that can withstand rain and humidity all year round.
  4. Green plants in every corner of your home. It’s nice to be able to take a break from work to take care of your plants. What’s more, green plants are good for indoor air quality, and the gold vine is so good at purifying air that NASA is talking about taking it on the next space mission. However, the interior plant of the year is the parasol tree.
  5. Colorful details in the home. We let details such as moldings, ceilings, tiles and tiles stand out in gorgeous shades of color. Even electrical appliances such as toasters and coffee machines become pops of color and add dynamism to your home’s décor.
  6. During the pandemic, we first wanted to make our homes beautiful, then we realized that we needed to make them more ergonomic, functional and work-friendly. Now we want to change again and create some playfulness and a cozy and harmonious home. We want to relax, sit back and not be constantly watched.