FFAB builds climate-smart neighborhood in Barkarby

It is now clear that FFAB is investing in a 19,600 square meter city block in Barkarby that will house both condominiums, owner-occupied apartments, and offices.

FFAB and Järfälla municipality has now signed an agreement for the development and construction of a very exciting neighborhood in Barkarby. The buildings will be certified Zero CO2 buildings, with the offices planned closest to the E18 and the housing in the form of condominiums and owner-occupied apartments facing the park and the river.

– At FFAB, we are very happy and proud of the land allocation in Barkarbystaden. We look forward to the upcoming cooperation and participatory process with Järfälla municipality where we create and contribute to another dynamic neighborhood with sustainability in focus, says Jacob Sandberg, CEO of FFAB.

The block is located in a strategic and accessible location in the expansive area of Barkarby, close to both the E18 highway and northwest Stockholm’s emerging public transport hub, which will be served by the metro, bus, commuter train, and regional and long-distance trains in 2026. It also neighbors the newly opened Bas Barkarby – a meeting place with offices, conferences, a restaurant, a café, higher education, sports, and culture.

– Urban development in Barkarby is in an intensive phase where unique investments in new infrastructure such as the metro and regional train station are emerging alongside a new office location, and new blocks for housing, services, education, culture, sports, and health. FFAB’s decision to invest in Barkarby shows that we are developing an attractive location for the future. Together we create a vibrant, experience-rich, and dynamic urban environment where people, companies, and organizations thrive and develop, says Emma Feldman, chairman of the municipal board in Järfälla, in a press release.

Published: February 2022
Vision image: Järfälla municipality/AIX Arkitekter
Read more at: Fastighetsvärlden or Järfälla municipality.

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