For Niklas, the patio was crucial

When Niklas Trang, 29, sold his previous apartment in Rissne, he wanted to find a new home with a patio at least as large as the one he had previously had. Since Niklas has friends who live in Ursvik, he knew it was a great area for both him and his dog. There was only one requirement: a large patio.

– When I saw the ad on Hemnet about FFAB’s newly produced apartments, I immediately went to look at this ground-floor apartment. The patio was not quite ready, but I still registered my interest right away.

“It was twenty-four nervous hours of nail-biting.”

But more people than Niklas liked the apartment with the large patio, and it was already pre-booked. However, ERA’s broker promised that Niklas would get first dibs if the purchase did not go through.

– It was twenty-four nervous hours of nail-biting. When the buyer dropped out and I got the chance to buy the apartment, everything went very quickly and smoothly.

What do you like best about the apartment besides the patio?

– It is very cleverly planned with fine details and a beautiful stone floor. The kitchen has avocado green cabinets and a modern industrial feel that suits my style perfectly. I love the height of the ceilings, the space and the large floor-to-ceiling windows facing the patio.

Was there anything that surprised you?

– Haha, yes indeed. It turned out that the patio was bigger than I thought. It wasn’t finished when I saw it, and it turned out that the eight square meter lawn was also included. It was a very nice surprise, and I can’t wait for spring to decorate my new barbecue and patio.