Playing with the very simple – meet architect Andreas Martin-Löf

Architect Andreas Martin-Löf approaches residential architecture with a deep sense of purpose, aiming to create environments that truly resonate with people. His designs embody ambition while favoring simplicity and clarity, earning admiration from many. One of his recent projects, Brf Block in Uppsala, was commissioned by the real estate company Fastighetsförädlarna i Mälardalen AB (FFAB).

While Andreas Martin-Löf’s architecture may appear straightforward and obvious at first glance, achieving it is no easy feat. Each project involves extensive hard work and thoughtful consideration. This is probably why he has become one of Sweden’s most influential architects in such a short time, despite his relatively young age. His distinctive architectural style has garnered recognition not only within Sweden but also internationally.

However, it is difficult to pigeonhole Andreas Martin-Löf as an architect. While he possesses a distinct style, the nature of his projects often varies widely. They encompass everything from affordable modular housing and interior design to luxurious private villas and the conversion of cultural centers. He has designed both the most economical and the most expensive apartments in Sweden. Regardless of the project, the level of ambition remains consistently high.

– For us, residential architecture is always a serious business. These are houses that will last for generations and they deserve to be designed accordingly,” says Andreas Martin-Löf.

“Not all houses can shout the loudest”

One of his recent endeavors is Brf Block in Kapellgärdet, Uppsala, commissioned by FFAB. The construction of these homes is now complete, with many residents having already moved in. The outcome consists of two brick buildings angled to create a dynamic courtyard, enhanced by the interplay of colors in the handmade bricks, which lends a captivating touch to the clean lines.

– At an early stage we decided that we wanted to create something that stood out in the area, a beautiful building with thoughtful material choices from the inside out. We wanted to create homes and environments where people genuinely delight in living. This is why it was so important to choose an architect who cares about every little detail and who never loses focus on design and quality. For us, Andreas was therefore a natural choice,” says Jacob Sandberg, CEO of FFAB.

Andreas Martin-Löf offers his own perspective on Block:

– We create environments that people want to be in. Not every home on a street needs to vie for attention, as it would make for an impractical city to inhabit. I think I have succeeded in showing that modern architecture can be both beautiful and innovative.

What defines the architecture of Block?

– The care given to each apartment’s layout and the ambitious brick architecture where even the fronts of the balconies are clad in beautiful Danish brick.

Do you have a favorite detail?

– I like the eaves detail that is differently designed on the different building volumes,” says Andreas Martin-Löf.