Proud sponsor of the tennis club Salk

FFAB has been the proud main sponsor of the SALK tennis club in Stockholm since 2017.

In 2017, we chose to support primarily the children and youth activities, but also the rest of the club. By dedicating parts of the sponsorship to the elite league teams, we were able to help highlight SALK’s elite league team as role models for other young players in SALK.

From 2018, the cooperation was deepened and we now also support a new team, Team FFAB, which consists of some of the club’s promising 13-year-olds. The team effort means, among other things, that the players have the opportunity to compete internationally with their tennis coaches from Salk present.

The club’s 05 players are among the very best in the country, and there is no doubt that the young players are passionate about tennis.

Noa Forste Dinell and Rafael Ymer are part of the team, but Evin Nilsson and Viktor Fraenkel will also have the opportunity to get leadership support on the international trips. Among many merits are Rafael Ymer’s victory in the Swedish Championship 2017 and Noa Forste Dinell’s victory in the Swedish final of Elite Hotels Next Generation during the summer of 2018.

– We are delighted to give some of Salk’s hard-working young people this opportunity. Team efforts have historically been a major success factor in Swedish tennis, comments Jacob Sandberg, CEO of FFAB.