The best of both worlds – and your own pool

Sandra Ernlund originally dreamed of living in a house in the countryside and started saving money for a house when she was just a teenager. But over time, she saw the benefits of being close to shops, schools, and transport. Still, she couldn’t quite let go of the dream of country life and when she saw the Sjöblomman area, she realized that she could actually have the best of both worlds!

– When I turned 40, I felt it was time to buy a house. And when I saw that they were selling townhouses in Brf Sjöblomman, I took the bike there from Täby Center where my two daughters and I lived and decided on the spot. There is everything here and it is close to the school, Arninge Center, the lake and nature and I can commute to work by bike.

For Sandra, who spends her days working in emergency medicine, a morning swim in the neighborhood’s own pool is a dream start to the day.

– We are four neighbors who started a pool group and took a course on how to check the pH and chlorine in the water. It’s both fun and interesting. This is a great area, and my children and I can paddleboard on the lake and swim every night. This summer, my youngest daughter will be attending an animal camp at Rönninge Farm on the other side of the lake.

Pictured: Sandra Erlund, her youngest daughter Gabriela and their cat Peps.